Yoga teacher training is a new experience for your Body And Mind

Utilize this environment and make your training experience more enjoyable to get the maximum benefit

  • Yoga is a discipline of body, mind and spirit. Keeping in view, the rules and regulations are made to enhance the quality of the mind. They are a part of the Yogic Lifestyle.
  • No friends or relatives are allowed to stay with the participants (Provided you inform us early about it)
  • For getting the best results from the practice of yoga, the course schedule and diet is specifically organized
  • Participants must follow the time table and attend all sessions, lectures and other activities. (If unwell let us know about it)
  • We request you to wear yoga friendly clothes during the training inside the retreat.
  • Please avoid bringing valuables, if necessary we can keep them safely for you during the course.
  • Always behave respectful towards all teachers, staff and the other students in the group
  • Teacher training course will be both physically and mentally challenging
  • I take full responsibility for any injuries or accidents or physical health related issues that might occur during the course or classes or during my stay at the retreat for any reason whatsoever. I take full responsibility for my own health and well-being during the course and will not hold Ruh Yoga or any of the teaching or administrative staff responsible for injuries or other medical problems that might occur for any reason whatsoever. My health and injuries related to my course shall be at my own risk and decision.
  • I understand and am aware and agree that a positive, team-oriented, optimistic attitude is a compulsory requirement for all attendees. Disruptive, rude, negative behavior or will not BE TOLERATED.
  • I understand and am aware and agree that I shall be entirely, completely and wholly responsible for my personal belongings during my course. Any loss, theft or missing of any of my valuables, passport, documents, personal effects or any other of my belongings shall be my responsibility and I shall not hold the Ruh Yoga or any of its employees or its team members or management responsible for the same.
  • I understand and am aware and agree that the inclusions mentioned in my course investment are provided to the best of availability in the remote local area. If I am not happy or not content with the same, I shall make my own arrangements at my own cost and I shall not be entitled for any partial refund or reimbursement for same.
  • I also and am aware understand that if I decide to leave the course before its conclusion for any personal reasons, or any other reasons or otherwise no refund of any fees shall be made to me for any reasons whatsoever.
  • I understand and am aware that the property, yoga props, furniture, crockery and all assets in the retreat belong to Ruh Yoga. Any damage, disruption, breakage or loss done by a student or a guest shall be the responsibility of the said student/guest and he/she will have to immediately pay for the damage at an amount determined by the Management Team.
  • I understand and am aware that I shall be at my own risk on my outings from the retreat on Sundays or any of the weekdays. I shall take full care to protect myself and Ruh Yoga shall not be responsible for any accident/ or unwanted incidents during my time spent outside the retreat.
  • I understand and am aware that if I miss a class for any personal reasons of mine, I shall not be provided extra classes to make up for the same. I might request the management for extra classes and subject to availability it may be organized subject to extra fees.
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