9 amazing orange benefits

Oranges when sweet are the best way to get the benefits of it. have this when its seasonal and ripe

  1. Its high in vitamin A and C good for cough
  2. Prevents diabetes, bronchitis
  3. Good for liver and heart disorders
  4. Balances the juices in the stomach
  5. Glass of orange juice with pinch of rock salt restores energy after exercising (can include 10 drops of lemon to balance the fire energy)
  6. It Purifies blood
  7. Removes bile and scurvy
  8.  Good for babies with stomach disorders add equal parts of water every 3 hours with mothers milk
  9. Relieves anemia and nervous debility for children

Avoid takin with joint pain or bladder disorders


sweet sour or pungent

Decreases vata

Increases kapha and pitta