yoga for weight loss

8 Yoga postures for Weight loss

8 Yoga postures for Weight loss

When you hear yoga for weight loss many people think it won’t work, its slow, is it really effective? How fast can I see the results etc, But if you look at the aspects of yoga practice it works on overall body not just one part of it

We don’t function with just one part of our body do we? We use our entire body for any activity or to feel complete the same is with yoga – In yoga practice we use our whole body for any given asana or surya-namaskar that’s why it is so effective

Surya-namaskar is a best yoga practice that one can do if your looking for weight loss or to even look and feel great not just physically but mentally as well – well being is not just limited to physical but mental health is important too.

Coming to our topic – yoga for weight loss

Here are the yoga postures and yoga practices which one can follow for best results

1. Surya-namaskar -its a simple and yet effective way to warm up our entire body and preparation for asana practice – if you are looking for loosing weight through yoga then surya-namaskar is a great practice it includes the 12 steps which is followed one after the other with breathing. If you are new to yoga and have never practiced it then to begin with can start with traditional Hatha Yoga surya-namaskar of 3 rounds with practice increase it to 6 rounds to 12 rounds

we have a video below which can help.


2. Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga surya-namaskar – If you want something more intensive then can follow the Ashtanga Vinyasa style of surya-namaskar this is really challenging and needs some prior practice of the traditional Hatha Yoga surya-namaskar – Practice this for 5 times to 8 times

we have a video link below which can help you boost your yoga practice


3. Plank Pose – This posture is very effective to build strength in the arms shoulders wrists and works on the stomach –

To do this

Come on to your knees and palms, Keep your wrists and shoulders above each other and knees and hip above each other, Lift your knees off the floor, Keep your neck in line with your spine, Shoulders away from the ears and hold here for 30 seconds and relax in Childs pose repeat the practice for 3 to 5 times

yoga for weight loss


4. Parivrita Parshvakonasana – Revolving side angle pose – this is one of the twisting yoga postures and twists work very well for the lower back, spine and stomach it loosens up the spine and mentally de-stresses.

To do this posture

Come on to your knees step your right foot forward keep your knee and heel in one line lift your left arm up with inhalation and with exhalation put the left elbow or arm-pit out to your right knee bring your palms together like namaste position and twist from the navel lift the knee of the back leg if comfortable If not can be on the floor – Hold this pose for 30 sec – do it on the other side -repeat the pose 2x/twice

yoga for weight loss

loose weight with yoga this twisting posture is great for the stomach and back


5. Trikonasana – Triangle Pose – This posture is very good for releasing stiffness from the lower back as it stretches the spine in side ways to release tension from each of our vertebral column – its effective to work on the obliques the side muscles of the trunk

To do this pose

keep your feet medium distance not too wide nor very close – Turn your right foot to the right side open your arms to the side in line with your shoulder palms facing forward inhale here with exhale bend side ways keeping the length in your spine and look forward or to the hand up hold the pose for 30 sec and do the other side



6. Virabhadrasana -3 – Warrior 3 – This is a balancing yoga posture its challenging as it involves balancing on one leg with body bent half way downwards its excellent for building strength in legs core and back muscles

To do this posture

keep your feet together palms namaste position bend half way down keep your spine like a table flat and lengthened slowly with inhale lift your left leg up bring it in line with your spine micro bend your standing knee open your arms like aeroplane wings keep your gaze ahead to the floor and hold the posture for about 30 sec and relax do it on the other side



7. Dhanurasana – Bow pose – this is a backhanding yoga posture – it stretches the entire spine and puts pressure on the abdomen and stomach region improves the blood circulation which helps with digestion and proper elimination –

To do this pose

lay down on the stomach fold your legs keep your knees only hip distance and hold the ankles with your palms with inhale press your ankles to the palms lift the thighs of the floor and look forward as you hold the pose and breath comfortably hold here for 30 seconds once done come into the Childs pose for counter stretching the back – do this twice



Kali asana – Goddess pose – this is a best yoga pose for building strength in the lower body and thighs its very beneficial for the abdominal and reproductive system

To do this pose

keep your feet to medium distance turn both your feet to 45 degrees outward bring your palms to namaste position inhale here and exhale squat half way till your knees and heel come in line or 90 degrees look straight keep breathing hold here for 30 seconds and release the pose – do this twice


yoga for weight loss

Note – This set of practices can take upto 20 to 25 min. To make this work its best to be done everyday or at least 3 times a week. Proper diet and food is also essential as yoga/exercise is half and the other half is your diet that plays a major role to make anything work. Stay fit stay healthy. 20 min to 25 min of yoga/exercise/Surya-namakar can make you feel good for the entire day and keeps the doctor away – Health is wealth 🙂

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Namaste 🕉️  🙏  🧘‍♀️

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