10 Ayurveda tips for healthy lifestyle

Ayurveda means knowledge of life, its a science which works for Body, Mind and spirit, which brings in balance both mental and physical.Here are some tips for overall balance

1. Wake up early at sun-rise

2. Say a prayer or positive affirmation – mental cleansing which is also important

3. Wash your face, mouth & eyes

4. Drink a glass of water as helps to cleanse and remove the toxins

5. Evacuation – Empty your bowels

6. Gargle to keep the tongue and throat track clean

7. Bathing – Physical cleansing

8. Yoga for health body and clear mind

9. Pranayama – Breathing techniques to work on our respiratory system

10. Meditation – Sit in stillness with closed eyes at-least for 5 mins, it helps in highlighting whats happening in your mind

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