Milk ayurveda nutrition benefits

Milk is sattwic and stimulating all the 7 tissues of the body. Its rejuvenative, nutritive and laxative, increases sexual energy

  1. It nourishes plasma, skin all tissues
  2. Increase seminal fluid
  3. Its tonic for the lungs and stomach – Reduces bleeding from these sites
  4. It calms dry cough and dry throat
  5. Good for fever and thirst
  6. It is mild laxative with ghee
  7. Good for pitta conditions
  8. Its excellent for children and the elderly
  9. Nourishes the brain, nerves, mind and memory
  10. Boiled milk builds ojas,
  11. Promotes sleep – when taken with herbs
  12. Boiled milk reduces vata and kapha


To remove the heavy nature of milk, digestive herbs such as ginger and cinnamon are suggested, this may alleviate allergies

When taken in the morning increase sexual energy, When taken at noon can stimulate digestion, When taken in the evening for children its calmative, laxative

Surface milk is good for all 3 doshas,

High in kapha

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