Ghee or clarified butter ayurveda nutrition benefits

Ghee is clarified butter which has lot of benefits to the body, Its healthy nutritive and enhances the taste or flavor to the food. Easily available in the market. Can be also applied on skin and lips to get good glow and remove dryness. Lets look at the benefits below

  1. Ghee increases marrow, semen and ojas life sap
  2. Increases intelligence, vision,
  3. Enhances voice
  4. Good for liver, kidneys and brain
  5. Its the best form of fat to the body which is not harmful
  6. Best oil for pitta
  7. It Balances the agnis or digestive fire
  8. Good for memory and digestion
  9. It promotes longevity
  10. Increases reproductive fluids
  11. Good for children and elderly helps to maintain supple body
  12. Maintains lungs health
  13. Balances vata and pitta conditions
  14. When taken with herbs helps the nutrients to reach all 7 tissues of the body
  15. It helps to reduce the desire of eating meat and animal products

When herbs like ashwagnadha are made into medicated ghee, they remove harmful cholesterol from the body. Other herbs are made into medicated ghees to enhance their healing effects

Decrease vata and pitta / Increase kapha mildly

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