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Best Ayurvedic Daily Routine for Balancing the Doshas 

Best Ayurvedic Daily Routine for Balancing the Doshas 

Being Healthy in holistic terms, means balancing one’s whole life, considering one’s physical, mental and spiritual (inner) health, external situations of lifestyle and environment are also examined for their effects on health 

Here are are some best Ayurvedic Daily Routine for Balancing the Doshas according to Ayurveda 

‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness,’ as the saying goes. The ancient Ayurvedic times placed great emphasis on the daily cleansing ritual. Below are some major suggestions. 

  1. Evacuation of bowels and urine is best done in the squatting position as the organs are aligned for the easiest release of waste (malas). This position also helps dispel gas. Water (cool) instead of, or poured on toilet paper, is gentler to the anus.
  2. Brushing with astringent, pungent, and bitter roots (or twigs made into brushes), twice a day, without injuring gums. Flossing is important and herbal tooth powders are also beneficial. 
  3. Scraping the root of the tongue with instruments of copper, tin, or brass. Curved U-shaped metal strips or spoons are used. Scraping removes obstructions in respiration. By scraping the whole tongue, one releases repressed emotions. Scraping the tongue is also done upon waking each morning. Gargling with water or oil in the morning after brushing and scraping, improves voice, jaw, increases one’s delight in eating, it also prevents a dry throat, cracked lips, and loose teeth 
  4. Eye Wash using cool to lukewarm water improves vision and all eye disorders, and refreshes the mind
  5. Oil Head Massage using Brahmi oil (Vata Pitta Kapha) or sesame oil (Vayu), canola oil (Kapha) [ideally warmed], to avoid headaches, grey and falling hairs; it improves sense organs, promotes cheerfulness, and a pleasant glow. Sleep becomes sound and one feels happier.
  6. Oil Ear Massage A drop or two of vegetable glycerine, brahmi, or canola oils rubbed into the ear holes heals and prevents Vayu ear and hearing diseases, stiff back, neck, and jaw. This can be done several times a week
  7. Oil Body Massage the body with the same warmed oils used for the head, the body becomes firm, smooth-skinned, free from Vata, and tolerant of exertions and exercise. It is suggested especially to balance the sense of touch (Vata), Adding medicated oils such as mahanarayan and dachmul to the base oil further nurtures tissues, and draws toxins out of the body. If digestion becomes sluggish due to oil application, the number of oil massages and the amount of oil used are reduced.
  8. Vata massage includes the feet, lower back, colon area, neck, shoulders, and head
  9. Pitta massage includes the chest, the area of the back behind the heart, and head
  10. Kapha massage covers the lower abdomen, chest, throat, and sinuses
  11. Foot massage removes stiffness, roughness, fatigue, numbness, sciatica, vein and ligament constriction, cracks; it also improves vision and sleep. Since all the organs of the body have nerves extending to the feet, the entire body is exercised through foot massage. 
  12. Bathing (or a shower) is purifying, stimulating, promotes life, removes fatigue, sweat, and dirt; rejuvenates, promotes ojas. Cleaning feet and Having a healthy bowel movement daily promotes intelligence, purity, longevity, destroys inauspiciousness and dirt. Oil applied to the skin nourishes the tissue layers and draws toxins to the skin. Bathing after massage removes these toxins, keeping the skin clean and healthy. Oiling the anus after bathing is also healthy it prevents drying
  13. Wearing Clean clothes enhance one’s charm, fame, and life span. They remove inauspiciousness and give pleasure, thus making it enjoyable to be around others. 
  14. Using Aroma Therapy oils, incense, scented soap, and flowers promote longevity, charm, nourishment, strength. They also enhance pleasing manners and destroy inauspiciousness 
  15. Betel leaves chewed with certain fruits and cardamom aid in clarity and keep the mouth fresh.
  16. Gem Therapy, colour’s, and ornaments promote wealth, auspiciousness, longevity, prosperity, happiness, charm, Ojas, and destroy potential calamities in one’s life 
  17. Cutting hair, nails, beard/moustache is nutritive, life- promoting; beautifies and cleans.
  18. Using an umbrella alleviates natural calamities, provides strength, protection, and guards one against the sun, wind, dust, and rains. 
  19. Sunrise is a good time to have the eyes in the direction of the first rays of sunlight (though not looking directly at the sun). This exercise improves one’s vision and vitality. Sunlight is important to receive daily, if possible. Taking in sunlight in the winter is more difficult because it is colder and there is less sunlight. During summer the sunlight is best in the early morning or late evening, not in the intense heat between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., when the sun is at its zenith and its rays are strongest. Sunlight is the only source of vitamin D4 and D5. 
  20. Find a livelihood that is not contradictory to one’s dharma (God-given talents). Be civic-minded and care for the body: thus, happiness is brought about. Wash hands before and after meals: cleanliness is next to Godliness. 
  21. Practicing Yoga Sadhana (meditation) according to the instructions of one’s Guru (spiritual teacher


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