Tips to balance your vata dosha

What is vata?

Vata dosha is a combination of Air + Space, Air’s natural quality is to move, to move it needs space, so all movements in our body is controlled by vata for example breathing, blood circulation, mental and physical activity, passage of food through the gastrointestinal tract, joint function, urination and bowel movement, heart pumping, eye movements etc.

Characteristics of Vata

Vata is cold, light, dry, rough, brittle and subtle. It is seated in the colon, and in the hollow places throughout the body.

When Vata is in balance gives – enthusiasm, Alertness, sound sleep, good blood circulation and bowel movement, adequate tissue formation, good sleep, flexibility and normal movement throughout the body.

When vata is out of balance – will cause anxiety, insomnia, osteoporosis, Hyper tension, arthritis,  constipation, dry/rough skin, headache, back/joint pain, cold hands and feet, etc.

Vata-dominated Prakriti or constitution tend to be thin and either short or tall

They talk, and move quickly, always busy with activity, they have short memory and attention span

They generally dislike cold, dry weather

They don’t sweat much

They may find their appetite varies widely and so may have trouble maintaining weight

They love variety and does not like routine

To Balance 

Keep warm and calm

keep a regular routine

Food should be warm to eat

avoid light and uncooked food

Practice Hatha yoga which help you to ground and bring stability both physically and mentally

Avoid taking cold baths or being under the fan as cold is dry

Foods to balance vata

warm, oily, hot, soft, cooked with water and enough spices and ginger as it keeps them warm

Food that should be avoided

Bitter, pungent, Raw food

Fruits – all sour fruits

Vegetables – potatoes, raw onions and tomatoes

Food that is favorable

Fruits – bananas, coconut, apples, melons, mango, papaya, pineapple, avocado, apricots

Vegetables – should be cooked well, carrots, okra, beetroot, sweet patatoes

Grains – Oats, Rice, wheat

herbal and spiced tea on regular basis is good

Vata is one of the dosha which is a combination of Air + Space, Here are some food tips to balance during Summer/spring & Winter/Fall


1.Half an hour before meal during summer take herbal tea – cardamom, ashwagandha, triphala

During winter – hot milk with ghee, fresh ginger, turmeric, honey

2. Breakfast – During summer – Cream of rice with ghee, cardamom and cane sugar, Half cup boiled mild with cinnamon and cane sugar

During winter – Oatmeal or cream of wheat with ghee, cardamom and maple syrup

3.Snack – During summer – sweet fruit or cane sugar, sweet with cardamom

During winter almond butter on chapatis with cardamom and ghee, herb tea

4. Lunch – During summer – White basmati rice, split yellow mung dal, ghee, sweet potato, lassi

During winter – same but add whole wheat chapatis

5. Snack – During summer – sesame seed butter, fennel and ghee on chapati

During winter – baked apple with cinnamon and honey, herb tea

6. Dinner – During summer – artichoke pasta, ghee, squash, cardamom, lassi

During winter – barley/garbanzo soup, ghee, cabbage, lassi, cardamom

7. Snack – During summer – hot ginger licorice tea with honey and ghee

During winter – Boiled milk, ghee, fresh ginger honey

If you don’t know your dosha yet, take a dosha test here


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