Tips to balance your kapha Dosha

Tips to balance your kapha Dosha

Characteristics of kapha

Kapha Dosha is combination of Earth and water, the kapha type are slow in their activities both physical and mental but they have very good endurance and strength which helps them to continue with their work for longer than the others. They love to eat and have a tendency to be overweight, have a long life span. They love the routine and do the same things over and over

Kapha provides us with structure and lubrication to the body, it fills the intercellular spaces of the body as connective tissues which includes mucus, synovial fluid and tendons

It is seated at the chest, stomach, lungs, urinary bladder, pancreas, testes

When Kapha is in balance

They love to cook for others, are strong and loyal

When Kapha is out of balance

lethargic, hoarding, overly materialstic

Kapha Dominated prakriti or nature tends to have large body frame

They are slow to learn but never forgets

Full of emotions and love, desire, romance and sentiment negative emotions include lust and greed

Hard to adapt to new situations as they love routine, yet very loyal

To balance

Meditate regularly

sleep for 6 to 7 hours maximum and Avoid sleeping during the day and

Eat warm food

Steam sauna will be helpful

Eat spicy foods as it keeps the body warm

chilli, cayenne, ginger add these to your food to prepare

Exercise Regularly to build mobility

Practice Vinyasa/ashtanga vinyasa yoga

Walk or jog in the morning in the sun

Avoid foods that are cold and heavy

Food that should be avoided to reduce Kapha

sweet oily or very high protien

Fruits – Pineapples, dates, bananas

Vegetables – cucumbers, squash, sweet potatoes, tomatoes

Oils – Butter, coconut oil

Foods that are favorable for kapha

Fruits – apples, apricots, berries, pears, dried fruit, pomegranates, cranberries, rasins

Vegetables – broccoli, carrots, garlic, cabbage, peppers, mushrooms, beetroot, sprouts, onions, radishes

Kapha dosha is a combination of Earth + Water, Here are some food tips to balance during Summer/spring & Winter/Fall

Breakfast – During Summer – Not required – If still hungry take some fruits, ginger/licorice tea or coffee with goats milk

During Winter – cream of wheat or barley with ghee, coriander and soy milk

Snack – During Summer – cranberries

During Winter – stewed apricots

Lunch – During summer – Barley, split yellow mungdal, ghee, celery, coriander, lasi

During winter – Buckwheat chapatis, lima beans, brussels sprouts, ghee, pepper, mint tea

Snack – During summer – raspberries, lemongrass tea

During winter – pumpkin seeds, saffron tea with honey

Dinner – During summer – Artichoke pasta, cardamom, lassi

During winter – rye soup, garbanzo beans, beets, cardamom, cinnamon tea

Snack – During summer – cranberries

During winter – apple, chamomile tea

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