10 Apple benefits in ayurveda

Apples – They are so attractive to look and delicious to eat when its properly ripened. Eating seasonal fruits is the best way to reap the benefits of any fruit, lets look at the benefits and how it works

  1. They prevent tooth decay, bleeding gums and ulcers
  2. Reduced risk of heart disease
  3.  It reduces the blood cholesterol and detoxifies chronic inflammation in the small intestines
  4. It fights with arthritis and herpes
  5. Maintains blood pressure
  6. Baked apples are very good for balancing the air element in the body
  7. Apple juice is good for gastritis, colitis and burning infections and mensuration
  8. Apple skin is high in calcium
  9. Vata and pitta dosha increases if eaten sour and unripe, balances the kapha dosha if ripe and sweet
  10. Apple cooked with cinnamon is neutral for all the doshas