Yoga Tips for mindful eating

You are what you eat

Our body is nothing but the food itself which is re-arranged, be mindful about what you eat because it becomes a part of you not only physical, but mentally and emotionally as well

For many of us to control our diet can be a big challenge. Health wellness, gyms and spas are overflowing with bodies stretching and straining themselves to get rid of ugly unwanted body fat to achieve ideal body weight or to look good

Fat or thin we can be badly undernourished, if we are not getting the foods our body needs. Overeating or eating less both can take a toll on our health. Over weight is not only damaging physically but psychologically as well

Eating to live not Live to Eat – What and how we eat affects us Physically, mentally and emotionally. ancient yogis have food to get the best out of every aspect of life

Let me share with you some yogic information, keep in mind that each of us is different and has individual dietary requirements. Each one of us needs to find the right balance, the chemical combination of foods that best serves our metabolism and bodily needs. Healthy food doesn’t have to be dull and boring

  1. Never eat to full stomach – one half of the stomach capacity to be used for solid food, leaving one quarter for liquid and the remaining one- quarter is left empty to allow the digestive process to take place more easily
  2. Be grateful and feel blessed for the food which the mother nature is providing us
  3. Eat quietly and avoid talks, eat in silent environment
  4. Give at-least 3 to 4 hours gap between meals – if we eat more often our digestive system is constantly working which may take away a lot of energy
  5. You may have the best cooked food but if your system is not able to digest and eliminate the food it may cause more harm
  6. we can know if the food we eat is not digested properly through float test, during elimination if the stool floats it means the food is properly assimilated and digested in the body
  7. Chew, Chew, Chew – we don’t have our teeth in our stomach to complain about digestion, Chew the food at-least for 25 to 35 Times, if you gobble your food in hurry you miss the crucial first step in the digestive process
  8. Take your time to eat, avoid eating in hurry
  9. If your trying to cut down the portions then wait for 5 minutes before taking the seconds for everything
  10. Drink enough water – but don’t wash down your food by drinking any liquid immediately after you take a bite of food
  11. Start your day with a glass of water after you brush your teeth and before going to bed it helps
  12. Balanced combination of Fruits, nuts, vegetables, Grains, Legumes and dairy products

Why meat should be avoided or minimized

when we eat meat we’re feeding ourselves the poisonous adrenaline that was secreted by the terrified animal just before it was slaughtered

Meat will leave a residue of uric acid in the bloodstream. Uric acid is considered by some to be a cause of cancer

Uric acid makes it harder to reach the higher, clearer meditative states because if is an irritant in the blood stream

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