Importance of drinking water ayurveda doshas

water is the great healer, it should be obtained from clean sources. Ayurveda says that our bodies are mostly made up of plasma. Drinking too much plain water will deplete the minerals and nutrients. Some water is acceptable to drink at the beginning, the middle and end of the meal.

Do you take adequate amount of water everyday? water is very essential as it helps food to digest easily and its used as a medium to carry nutrients to different parts of the body. it also helps with bowel movement

Ayurveda suggests liquids are best taken in a form other than plain water as it leeches the body of its minerals and nutrients – like herbal teas are preferred over plain water

Drinking water with Meals

1/2 to 1 cup with meals is ok, to wash and clear taste buds more than this dilutes digestive juices


Drink 3 to 5 cups warm as tea, In summer more and in winter less

When you should not drink too much water 

  1. Do not drink too much water with low digestive power
  2. Avoid with abdominal tumors or enlarged abdomen
  3. When you have loose stools, hemorrhoids
  4. Do not drink too much water at the beginning or end of the meal

Effects of Drinking cold water

  1. Relives alcoholic intoxication and exhaustion
  2. Helps with fainting and vomiting
  3. Good for giddiness and if under sun for long
  4. Balances pitta and blood problems and poisoning

Effects of Drinking Hot water

  1. It stimulates hunger
  2. Helps digestion and the throat
  3. Cleanses the urinary bladder
  4. Relives hiccup and gas
  5. Good for vata and kapha imbalances

Effects of Boiled water

It does not increase the body’s inner moisture, it is good for pitta dosha. Do not drink boiled water kept overnight as it becomes stale and aggravates all 3 doshas