Yoga to boost your confidence

Yoga for strong back and to boost your confidence

Yoga is a wonderful tool for body mind and soul. Regular practice of yoga will help in renewing our energy both physically and mentally, which will lead to better functioning of our systems in the body. It’s a lifestyle which help us in a long way if practiced with consistency – Calm mind is a sharp mind, with practice of yoga we can re-energize and re-program our minds for unleashing our true potential

Here in this post we are sharing 5 yoga poses which will help us to work on our spine which houses our nervous system. It also helps for making space at the chest region for better functioning of the heart and respiratory system

  • Back bending postures are excellent for removing fear building confidence and letting go with things that is not needed for us
  • It’s good for introverts, and people who are shy
  • It opens up the chest makes the energy to flow freely
  • It works on all the intervertebral joints
  • Makes breathing more easy and comfortable
  • Good for people who feel lazy and dull as it works on the sympathetic nervous system
  • It increases Heat in the body
  • When we practice back-bends it helps us to get good glowing skin
  • You are as young as your spine is flexible back bends are great way to work on all the energy centers of the body
  • It stretches the entire front side of the body works as anti-ageing
  • Good for throat, neck, face muscles eyes – It improves voice
  • Good for sinusitis
  • Gives us new perspective towards the things which we see as some poses are inverted where the body is upside down
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Salabhasana – Locust Pose

  • Its a excellent posture for strengthening the lower back, tones up the gluetus and lower body. Easy to practice
  • lay down on your stomach place your hands beside the the hips
  • Inhale and roll shoulders back and lift the chest upper body and the legs exhale and release the posture
  • Do this for 8 to 10 reps and hold the pose for the last round

Bhujangasana – Cobra pose 

  • This posture works on all the vertebral joints of the spine and makes our spine flexible and builds strength. Increases blood circulation and massages the internal organs on the stomach and abdominal region
  • Lay down on the the stomach
  • Place your hands beside the chest (Beginners place hands beside the face) inhale press your palms and lift the upper body up
  • Elbows pointing backwards
  • Look straight in the front
  • Hold this pose for 20 – 30 seconds
  • Release and move into child’s pose


Dhanurasana – Bow Pose 

  • Its a best posture to correct rounded shoulders and rounded back, it works very similar to bhujangasana or cobra pose excellent for stomach improves digestion and makes spine flexible
  • Lay down on the stomach
  • Fold your legs keep your legs hip distance
  • Hold your ankles inhale and press your ankles to the palm and push your legs away from the body
  • Look straight ahead hold the pose for 20 to 30 seconds
  • Exhale and release the pose and move into child’s pose



Ustrasana – Camel Pose 

  • This pose is very beneficial for emotional release in the chest, as it stretches maximum, very good for hunch back and rounded shoulders stretches the neck and all parts of the face good for eyes and all facial muscles
  • Come on to your knees
  • Keep knees hip distance
  • Place your hands at the hips
  • Slowly push hips forward lean back and place your palms to the soles of the feet and gently relax your neck in the last
  • Hold this pose for 20-30 seconds
  • Once done relax in child’s pose


Urdhva Dhanurasana – Wheel pose/ Inverted Bow

  • Best posture for whole body and the spine. Excellent to build strength in the upper body wrist, thigh muscles and the gluteus. Practicing this pose makes the body light and anti-ageing opens up the chest works on the heart, respiratory system, vertebral joints
  • Lay down on the back
  • Bend your knees, knees point upwards to the ceiling
  • Keep feet hip distance
  • Place your palms beside the shoulder and elbows pointing upwards
  • Inhale and press your palms and feet lift your hips and upper body and hold the pose for 20 – 30  seconds
  • Exhale and release the pose and hug your knees to the chest



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