7 health benefits of Pineapple

Did you know that pineapples can be used as an alternative to quit smoking? it does come with lot of benefits to our body as well, lets take a look

  1. It cleanses the liver and excess bile
  2. Good for acidity
  3. Enhances digestion
  4. Counters the effect of alcohol
  5. Its juice relieves constipation and gastric irritability in fevers
  6. High in manganese which prevents osteoporosis
  7. Clears jaundice conditions

To reduce cigarette smoking and nicotine toxicity, chew small pieces of the fruit with half a tea spoon of raw honey.


Juice will aggravate pitta

Not eaten on empty stomach in the morning

Not taken within 2 hours of ingesting dairy products

Unripe Pineapple may cause abortion


sweet or sour pungent

Decreases vata

Increases kapha and pitta

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