difference between cow and goat milk

Whats the difference between cow and goat milk lets look at it below

Cows milk

  1. Promotes longevity and rejuvenation.
  2. It helps strengthen and promotes weight gain to balance if too lean.
  3. Relieves exhaustion, dizziness, toxins, difficult breathing, cough, severe thirst and hunger, chronic fever, urinary and bleeding disorders.
  4. It promotes auspiciousness said to be the best milk

Goats milk is easily digested and heals pulmonary tb, fevers, difficult breathing, bleeding disorders and diarrhea

Why milk should not be taken in excess

its damp and can weaken the digestive fire. It generally contains residues of inorganic fertilizers, antibiotics, steroids and is homogenized and pasteurized and comes from mistreated cows.

Thus organic milk may cause less side effects. Diary allergies may be due to these inorganic substances. However allergies may be also caused by its heavy nature. Do not take milk at night, unless it being used as laxative or calmative, boiling and had with herbs is better. May cause colds or rheumatism. Goats milk has a warm energy