Yogurt Ayurveda nutrition benefits

Yogurt is a fermented food from milk, its nutritive to the body when taken in moderation, Home made is best

  1. Yogurt nourishes all tissues
  2. When taken in small amounts aid digestion of all other food
  3. It replenishes positive flora
  4. Good for vaginal yeast infections and cancer
  5. Boosts immune system
  6. Promotes strength
  7. Relives flu, cold, anorexia and weakness
  8. Good for diarrhea
  9. Prevents uric acid in digestive tract infection
  10. Reduces cholesterol
  11. Yogurt is best when it look alike milk
  12. It promotes weight gain and fat to the body

Yogurt helps to strengthen and cleanse the energy channels of the body, home made yogurt with pepper cane sugar promotes strength

Why yogurt should not be had in excess

  1. Its heavy it can cause constipation
  2. Blocks the energy channels
  3. Aggravates toxicity in blood
  4. May cause acne, skin rashes
  5. Avoid taking after sunset

Antidote – take with ghee, amla and water

Yogurt – sweet, Decrease Vata and Pitta / Increase Kapha

Sour yogurt Decrease Vata and Increases Pitta and Kapha

Very sour yogurt causes bleeding disorders