Meat and fish Ayurveda nutrition benefits

Meat and fish is most nourishing food, its excellent to build strength and to lower the vata dosha

Reasons to avoid or minimize meat intake

  1. Most potentially deranging food
  2. Breeds toxins or ama
  3. Feeds infections can cause fever, tumors
  4. Dulls the mind and senses
  5. Reduces love and compassion

Long term effects of eating 

  1. Creates bad karma – the higher evolved animal, the worse karma
  2. Red meat of cow is the most negative karma
  3. Poultry yields less bad karma
  4. Fish even less
  5. Shellfish the least
  6. Eggs only very slightly

Vedic texts state that it is acceptable to take the life of an animal in two instances – If it is your job – Fisherman, and if one is weak and it is needed to preserve or save human life. Meat acts like drug inducing energy to get well, but does not nourish and rebuild the subtler tissues

Non organic animal products are full of hormones, antibiotics, chemicals. The animals are often diseased and treated badly. Thus when these products are eaten, the chemicals are ingested and affects ones health organs, but produce low tissue quality and dull the mind Bones and bone soup nourish marrow but are heavy, causing toxic blood


  1. Should be Cooked properly with digestive spices,
  2. Raw or not completely cooked causes toxicity
  3. Aggravates blood salt soften and tenderizes
  4. Msg has many adverse effects
  5. soups and stews are easier to tolerate
  6. Deep fried are more aggravating
  7. Canned cause drowsiness or lethargic body and mind


  1. Meat does not combine well with other foods, like milk, bread or potatoes
  2. Milk is very toxic


Avoid in summer due to its warm energy, morning and evening is kapha times, better for those in high altitudes or northern latitudes


Raw vegetables, leafy greens, vegetable juices, bitter herbs like aloe gel may antidote meat

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