Oils food massage Ayurveda

Oils are sourced from nuts, seeds, beans, oily vegetables and animal fats like milk butter or animal tissue. It Decreases Vata and Increases Pitta and Kapha

why its essential lets look below

  1. It maintains fat, nerve and marrow tissues
  2. Allows easy secretion of discharge
  3. Can be used in cooking for flavor


  1. Softens the skin and muscles
  2. Dissolving toxins and congestion
  3. Its easily absorbed into the skin helps with lubricating lungs and large intestines
  4. Nourishes the deeper tissues or dhatus
  5. Its good for everyone with weakness from children to elderly

When to avoid 

  1. Not used with toxicity in the blood
  2. Avoid when feeling congested
  3. Massage not done with red or oozing skin diseases
  4. Avoid with sever pain or palpitations
  5. use light oil application to abdomen