10 reasons to eat water melons

water melons are very good for our body when eaten in moderation, and at the right time. Here are some tips on how, when to eat and their benefits

  1. Good to beat the summer heat, sun stroke, thirst and fever
  2. Relives irritability, burning urine when taken with pinch of coriander
  3. It purifies blood and cleans tissues
  4. Good for bleeding gums and canker sores in the mouth
  5. High in vitamin A and C with seeds it balances
  6. Antiseptic for typhoid fever
  7. With cumin and cane sugar helps urinary conditions, intestinal catarrh
  8. Beneficial for acne and rashes
  9. promotes soft skin – rub melon rind on skin before bed
  10. Binds stool and flushes the kidneys

Best taken 3 hours after meals

Eat alone, do not eat them at night or when cloudy as this causes edema or abdominal pain. Eating them in excess causes respiratory problems. Not eaten with glaucoma

Taste –

sweet, cold

Decreases – Pitta

Increase – kapha and vata