7 Rice health and nutrition benefits

Rice is seeds a cereal grain, it is the most widely consumed and staple food in some countries. Did you  know Rice can balance all 3 doshas and can correct over eating. Lets look at the benefits of having rice

  1. Relives vomiting, and excessive eating
  2. Helps in digestion and harmonizes the stomach
  3. Builds all tissues through plasma
  4. soothes the nervous system and brain
  5. Helps getting rid of toxins
  6. High in B-complex
  7. It relives thirst balances all 3 doshas – Basmati rice is best

Contraindications – Bleached, refined white rice Increases kapha and ama or toxic

Brown rice is warming increases Pitta and Vata hard for digestion may not be so nutritive if you have weak digestion

Taste – Sweet astringent/ May balance Vata, Piita Kapha Increase Kapha especially basmati rice Highly sattwic and easy to digest