Legumes health and nutrition

All beans are rajasic causes gas and irritating body, mind, senses and emotions and are not so much recommended for yoga practitioners since they reduce sattwa or calm nature by aggravating the mind. They provide lot of energy for strenuous physical work

Except Mung beans and tofu are the only two exceptions, Mung beans is sattwic

Increases earth element – Protien and air which is heavy and dry, thus hard to digest

Combination – As protein they combine well with grains for a staple food, containing all the 8 essential amino acids, especially split mung bean with long grain or Basmati Rice

It combines well with vegetables, Legumes do not combine well with other beans, sugars, fruit and diary

Preparation – well cooked and properly spiced. some need to be soaked in water overnight, especially whole beans. When prepared in lard or heavy oils are hard to digest cos its rich with Piita and Kapha

Season – Hold their properties, so can be eaten year round, because fruits and vegetables lose their energies quickly, seasonal eating is suggested for them though better in winter

Antidotes – Parboiling and removing water once or twice removes some irritant properties – Like soy or kidney beans.

spices – Onions, cumin, asafoetida, cayenne and salt help, but will aggravate Pitta

Nutrition – Protiens, iron, B vitamins,

Taste – Sweet, astringent Pitta Kapha and Vata increase