Honey Ayurveda nutrition benefits

Honey is best sweetener when used raw, it has some of its flower properties it can be refreshing and energetic if taken with one spoon of honey in a glass of water mix well. Lets see the benefits of honey below

  1. Honey is good to nourish the mind, senses and immune system
  2. royal jelly and propolis are even better for building life sap – ojas
  3. Externally it can be used for burns, eyes, wounds and sores
  4. It helps in better absorption of herbs to deeper tissue layers when taken as tea
  5. Heals eyes and breaks up hard masses
  6. Relives kapha and toxcity from the body
  7. Good for diabetes when taken in small doses
  8. Heals skin conditions and parasites
  9. Helps with difficult breathing and cough
  10. Can help with diarrhea

Tips on how to use honey for best benefits

  1. Honey may aggravate vata
  2. It may become toxic if cooked
  3. If cooked, If used in hot weather its not suitable for pitta diseases like skin irritation acne
  4. Not compatible when used in hot food
  5. Warm raw honey is acceptable like using in warm water
  6. It promotes vomiting and is good for enemas

Why Honey should not be cooked or heated 

Heating destroys medicinal properties, aggravates pitta or fire in the body creates subtle toxins, better not to cook or bake it. If taken in excess will derange humors or tissues just like white sugar. It contains subtle toxin when taken with equal proportions of ghee – better to make it 1:2 or 2:1 proportions feeds infections, fevers, tumors