Salt ayurveda nutrition effects

Salt when used adequately is good, but when used in excess may not be healthy to our bodies

  1. A little used helps to soften the food and makes it easier to digest
  2. Aids saliva and gastric juices
  3. When used to gargle helps to remove cavity and yellowness from teeth
  4. Soften mucus membranes acts as cleansing agent
  5. Makes muscles soft and relives muscle pain
  6. Draws out toxins
  7. when used in large quantity help to clear stomach – emesis

What happens if you use salt in excess

  1. Aggravates blood
  2. It deranges all tissues of the body
  3. Weakens digestion
  4. May cause nausea
  5. Increases heat and heaviness to the body
  6. Does not go well with heavy or moist food like diary
  7. Sea salt is better than commercial refined salt
  8. Black salt is better than sea salt
  9. Rock salt is dry, lighter and High in Pitta
  10. Vegetable salts are good as they contain many minerals

Vata – Reducing/ Pitta and kapha – Increasing

In yogic cleansing techniques salt is used to remove excess mucus from the throat, stomach and intestinal tract