7 Amazing benefits of Banana

Bananas are energy boosters, they are easy to access and Its high in potassium and vitamin c. It helps with digestion too, Lets look at the benefits of it

  1. It relieves hypertension
  2. Keeps heart disorders in check and protects against heart strokes
  3. Relieves haemorrhoids
  4. Rich in carbohydrates
  5. Taken with ghee and cardamom alleviate hypoglycaemia, constipation and muscle cramps
  6. Builds muscle and fat to the body
  7. Good for building reproductive tissues

Precaution –

  • Not used for pitta with ulcers, hard to digest
  • Avoid drinking liquids for one hour after eating banana
  • Not to be eaten with milk or yogurt, or eaten when suffering from fever, edema, vomiting or cough with mucus

Taste -Sweet, astringent/hot/sour decrease vata, Increase kapha and Pitta

Having too much of any fruit may not be so good for the body, having 1 or 2 bananas a day should be okay