Potatoes : Health nutrition facts

Did you know Potatoes taken in moderation can help increase bone strength and maintains blood pressure

Potatoes are nutritive, tonic, diuretic, sedative

  1. It strengths the body and good for bone health
  2. Good for diarrhea
  3. Prevents cancer
  4. Maintains blood pressure
  5. Balances alkalinity and acidity
  6. Boosts immunity and good for skin
  7. Produces breast milk

Energetics – Pleasant, Astringent

To balance Vata, Pitta, Kapha (Curried is best)

May aggravate Vata Pitta as a nightshade

For balancing Vata – Use ghee or Butter

Note – Any vegetable eaten should be in moderation for maximum benefits, it can be prepared in many different ways vegetable when prepared becomes light and dry will promote Vata, Vegetables when prepared with oil, ghee, butter, spices, water may promote Pitta and Kapha properties