Green gram or Mung health and nutrition

Green Gram is a dal which comes with green skin on or peeled and split in half. The latter is easier to digest, It is found in indian grocery stores

Green Gram is wholesome and nutritive, its beneficial for balancing fire element or pitta conditions. Green gram can also be used to relive skin conditions and to get good glow, externally can be used for skin burns lets look at the benefits of it below

  1. It relives thirst during fever, febrile disease
  2. Good for liver and spleen conditions
  3. Detoxification for drugs, smoking, alcohol
  4. Prevents cancer
  5. Its tea can be used for high fever or heat stroke
  6. Its paste can be used for burns, sores, swelling or inflamed joints
  7. It draws out toxins, good for swollen breasts or breast cancer

Taste – Sweet, astringent / Balances Vata, Pitta, Kapha/ Its highly sattwic

khichari is a common breakfast in India, where mung is used along with rice to prepare,

Its also had after the yogic cleanisng kriya called laghoo shankhaprakshalan