Nuts and Seeds health nutrition preparation

Nuts are nutritive strengthening and rejuvenating

  1. Its best source of protein and fat from vegetable source.
  2. It increases fat, marrow, nerve and reproductive tissue, ojas, build blood and muscles, strengthen memory and creativity
  3. Its sattwic helps yoga and meditation.
  4. Seeds similar yet lighter, less nourishing, easier to digest, Increases Vata


  1. Chewed well not takes in excess drinks – nut milk is best.
  2. Fermented nut drinks easier to digest – use with fresh ginger salt – better for vata.
  3. Jaggery, dates, raisins can be used as Raw sugar.
  4. Its tonic can help for recovery and weakness
  5. Roasted takes out the oil from it not good for vata, as it increases.
  6. Best without roasted better for Pitta and kapha

Note – Nut butter are oily and used in small doses

Season – Properties are stored well. Best taken in fall and winter – Oiliness, Increases Kapha in spring, Pitta in summer

Combination – Do not combine well with beans or starchy vegetables like potatoes,

They combine well with diary, most fruit, grain, sugar though heavier and hard digest

Antidote – Milk spices like ginger or cardamom

Taste – Sweet, warm / Decrease vata / Increase Pitta and Kapha