Butter milk benefits nutrition ayurveda

Butter milk is best when home made, store bought has salt which may not be so beneficial. It increases digestion. Its simple and easy to prepare if you find lassi is too heavy then butter milk is a good alternative

  1. Good for indigestion and increase appetite
  2. Butter milk helps to reduce swelling or edema
  3. Relieves hemorrhoids, anorexia
  4. It nourishes the spleen
  5. Its easily digested
  6. Helps with anemia and mal-absorption
  7. Good for tumors
  8. It clears blockages from the duct glands

Yogurt is most easily digested when taken with an equal amount of water and digestive spices, and drunk with meals. For kapha doshas

How to prepare

1/4 cup yogurt and 3/4 water

Pinch of coriander leaves, rock salt and cumin powder

Shake the jar for 1 minute to produce butter milk.

It decreases vata/ Increases Pitta and kapha

check your dosha test