Butter health and nutrition Ayurveda

Butter when used in moderation increases flavor to the food and its smoothness helps with digestion and to remove toxins as it glides which will removes all the blockages and helps with movement internally in the throat, digestive and colon area. Its very good for balancing excess vata and pitta

  1. It nourishes and strengthens the body
  2. Helps in digestion
  3. Gives good glow to the skin increase complexion
  4. Increases sexual energy
  5. Good for hemorrhoids and facial paralysis
  6. Relieves bronchitis
  7. It balances vata and pitta conditions
  8. Clears eye conditions and cough
  9. Helps with tuberculosis


Butter may become Heavy, fattening, clogging, increases cholesterol, may be artificially colored, can cause constipation. With salt, it increases heaviness and clogging

Externally Butter can be used for burns

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