Diary nutrition health in Ayurveda

Dairy is most beneficial when raw and from animals that are treated kindly which means they should allowed to roam free. who have not been injected with steroids or chemicals. Now vegan as an option many people have coconut milk, soy milk, almond milk choose according to what suits your body and mind.

Energetic – Sweet, Vata and Pitta reducing / Kapha increasing

Tissues – Builds all seven tissues – sapta dhatus – Especially increase plasma, fat, reproductive

Benefits of diary 

  1. Calms the mind, nerves and emotions
  2. It is good for meditation and yoga
  3. Relives weakness increase strength
  4. Good for sexual debility


  1. Its heavy to the body especially for  kapha, its sticky increases Mucus and Ama – toxic if taken in excess.
  2. Raw and organic dairy products from healthy, happy cows are best – Pasteurized and homogenized dairy products are more tamasic – lethargic in nature


  1. Best when Warm or room temperature, boiled milk.
  2. Refrigerated dairy increases toxicity in the body.
  3. Milk is better raw and organic, after being boiled for one minute, and then cooled


  1. Avoid combining with other foods or salt.
  2. Having milk first thing in the morning is better before other foods are eaten.
  3. Its is incompatible with meat, fish, yeast bread, sour fruit as it makes the milk curdle,fruits, nuts, pickles, pickled vegetables, and green leafy vegetables.
  4. Yogurt does not combine well with fruits nuts fish
  5. Dairy does combine well with whole grains and raw sugars


  1. Due to the heating nature of sour dairy like yogurt, buttermilk avoid taking in summer except lassi.
  2. Excess Cheese during the winter and spring is not suggested which are kapha increasing times.
  3. Cheese is also not recommended during the kapha times of the day


Milk – ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, yogurt

Cheese – mustard, cayenne, cumin