10 benefits of grape dry fruit

They are the best of fruits, which provides immediate relief from thirst, burning and fever. It has different colours purple, black and green, its also known as raisins

  1. It relieves cough and fever
  2. Its good for our eyes rich in iron
  3. Promotes elimination of urine and excretion
  4. They help anemia, heart disease and palpitations
  5. Good for cold, jaundice, chronic bronchitis
  6. Its good for acidity, gout, edema and cancer
  7. Helpful for skin disorders and constipation
  8. Prevents gum disease and tooth decay
  9. Cleanses all the glands and tissues
  10. Black grapes builds blood and its juice is used for fevers

Eating handful of raisins daily helps with enlarged liver and spleen. Drinking soaked raisins water and raisins each morning improves digestion. Research indicates grapes and raisins may prevent cancer


Green raisins – sour, hot, pungent vata decrease. pitta and kapha increase

Purple red or black – sweet, cold vata decrease pitta and kapha increase