Barley: Nutrition health facts

Do you add Barley in your diet regularly, then you should be feeling balanced with your body weight as Barley helps loosing weight and its too good for relieving stiffness from the body

Barley is from the grain family, easy to digest and has lot of benefits to the body

  1. Improves health of lung conditions
  2. Relives cough, fever
  3. Good for arthritis,
  4. Goof for swelling and water retention in the body
  5. Cleanses the urinary tract
  6. Increases and bulks stool
  7. Reduces body fat and mucus
  8. Helps with difficult breathing
  9. Relives stiffness from the body
  10. Good for sore throat and skin disorders
  11. It strengthens and stabilizes the body
  12. Heals infections and removes toxins
  13. Prevents cholesterol absorption in the intestines
  14. High in calcium, iron, protein and potassium

Taste – Sweet, astringent /

Decreases Pitta and Kapha / Increases – Vata

Note – Grains with pointed ends are best