lotus seeds or makhana, Pecan, Pinon Pistachio health and nutrtion

Lotus seeds are nutritive tonic increasing sexual energy and rejuvenative 

  1. when taken with sugar and ghee good for balancing vata
  2. Increases reproductive tissues or shukra/ojas
  3. Prevents nocturnal emission and
  4. Good for infertility
  5. Combines well with ashwagandha

Taste – Sweet, astringent Decreases Pitta / Increase Vata and Kapha

Contraindication – May be hard to digest 

Pecan – is nutritive and increases sexual energy, its sweet, astringent / Decrease Vata /Increase Pitta and Kapha 

  1. Nourishing the marrow and nerves
  2. Good for reproductive system
  3. Laxative for elderly
  4. Increases appetite
  5. Restores energy
  6. High in potassium and Vitamin A

Pinon – its sattwic of all nuts, its nutritive tonic, rejuveative, Sweet and Astringent in taste,

Decrease vata/ Increase Pitta and kapha

  1. Good for respiratory system and lungs
  2. Calms the nerves
  3. Healthy for reproductive system
  4. Relives weakness

Pistachio – are sedative, sweet to taste, decreases Vata/ Increases Pitta and Kapha

  1. Good for anemia
  2. Builds muscles and energy
  3. Helps with alcohol recovery
  4. Rich in potassium, phosphorus and magnesium salts help to control hypertension