Hazelnuts cashews flax seeds health and nutrition

Hazelnuts, cashews and flax seeds are sweet, astringent decreases vata / Increases Pitta and kapha. Its lighter and easier for kapha to digest. It decreases Vata and increase Pitta and Kapha /

Cashews – Increases all 3 Vata, Pitta, Kapha

Flax seeds – are anti-inflammatory both internal and external, warming increase vata and Kapha

  1. May help to restore energy in chronic fatigue
  2. Relives Hypoglycemia and yeast infections
  3. High in Potassium, sulfur, calcium
  4. helps deeper tissues
  5. Rich in vitamin A
  6. Flax seeds are rich in fatty acids which aids bronchial congestion and constipation
  7. Flax seeds best taken with lots of liquids and digestive herbs