Castor oil ayurveda nutrition benefits

Castor oil commonly used for massaging to improve strength with muscles and bones, enhances the growth of children and improves strength to the elderly it can also help to remove muscle sore and to relive constipation

  1. Best when used with a cup of warm milk and 1/2 teaspoon ginger before sleep for clearing blockages from subtle channels of the body
  2. Best for constipation use 1 -2 spoon in hot water before bed
  3. Good for children
  4. Epilepsy, arthritis, nerve pain is relieved
  5. Reduces swelling used externally
  6. Heals sores wounds sprains and injuries
  7. Detoxifies and reduces abdominal tumors
  8. Good for menstrual cramps
  9. castor oil is best vata healing to ingest and its purgative
  10. It heals enlarged prostate, hernia, fever
  11. Good for hair and scalp