15 Celery health and nutrition benefits

Celery is part of carrots, parsnips, parsley, and celeriac. Its crunchy stalks make the vegetable a popular low-calorie snack, and it may provide a range of health benefits. The fiber in celery can benefit the digestive system

lets look at the benefits of it

  1. Relives emotions and headache
  2. Increases perception brings in clarity
  3. prevents dizziness
  4. Eliminates carbon di oxide
  5. Clears adrenal disorders
  6. Promotes weight loss
  7. Blood cleanser
  8. Good for urogenital infections
  9. Improves digestion
  10. Clears kidney and liver disorders
  11. Regulates nervous system
  12. Removes excess water retention
  13. Good for diabetes, cancer
  14. Lowers blood pressure
  15. Its seeds and roots dissolve stones


Astringent Sweet salty Pungent

Decreases Pitta and Kapha

Increases Vata

Note – Needed minerals for all three humors or doshas