9 Carrots benefits Ayurveda

Carrots are digestive, laxative, appetite stimulant and antiseptic

  1. Increase blood flow to the eyes, relieves rickets
  2. Prevents colitis, gout, constipation and worms
  3. Good for arthritis skin disorders edema
  4. Clears jaundice, chronic hepatitis
  5. Heals skin tissues and heart conditions
  6. Reduces the risk of lung cancer
  7. Builds strong teeth
  8. Relieves colon disorders dehydration
  9. Improves complexion

Tips –

One cup of juice with 2 teaspoons of cilantro, taken twice daily on empty stomach relieves haemorrhoids

For chronic indigestion – A glass of juice is taken with pinch of ginger powder

One cup of juice mixed with one half cup aloe vera juice and taken twice daily, helps reduce cancer

Externally poultice for malodorous, ulcerative sores

Contraindications – May cause colic in babies


Sweet astringent

Decreases – Vata and Kapha

Increases – Pitta (In excess)